Our Classic

65 inch Mirror, with Multi Touch, on request with 4K TV.
the lightest mirror of his class.
Touch and Feel the Magic

The Case

The housing made of premium materials, consists of 6.9mm birch plywood. All fittings, rivets and extensions are also from the premium segment. With the integrated power supply, you need a power cord to power the booth.

Our Mirror Glass

Our special component is a direct import from the USA. With 4mm thickness, maximum clarity is combined. Our Two Way Mirror is unique in German-speaking countries. We are the general importer for this special composite glass.

Weight & Size

At only 37 kilograms, our MSB Classic is the lightweight on the market. With approximately 155 by 91 cm, our Mirrorbooth fits into most standard stationwagons such as the Volkswagen Passat, Audi A4, Mercedes E-Class and many more.


The Touchscreen

A 65 „Multi Touch Overlay Frame offers a unique hands-on experience


We install a 107cm brand FULL HD LED TV as a monitor, which sits behind our glass. On request, we install a 4K device


our integrated printer doors, the dye printer can also be accommodated in the housing.

The Studio Flash Light

to a recessed thread and the recessed IEC connection, the Studio Flash is mounted within seconds on the housing with the supplied aluminum rod.


The MiniPC, with either i5 or i7 processor, with HDD or SSD, has at least 4 USB ports and an HDMI output. This is located on a wooden plate behind the TV

Booth Software

Whether DSLRBooth, Breeze, Darkroom or another software solution. Our system gives you the choice of which PhotoBooth software you choose.

The DSLR Camera

Entry level or top model from Canon? This is located behind the mirror glass and ensures recordings in excellent, brilliant quality

The baroque frame (optionally with LED)

The baroque frame is placed in front of the case and transported in our practical Frame Bag (optional). Whether with or without LED band, guaranteed an eye-catcher

Modular system

Have it your way is our motto. In addition to the basic, we are happy to equip your Mirror Booth with PC, software, flash and DYE-printer.

Net prices from A5110 Oberndorf b. Salzburg. Delivery costs on request (billing on distance and export relations)